DFW Sams Charities

DFW Sams has elected to concentrate our charity efforts mostly on Veteran causes. Our first was Operation Komando where we sent boxed donated items to our troops overseas. We have mailed close to 400 boxes since we started Operation Komando. In return our troops sent us some pictures.
The list of needed items are:
Personal items
• Lip balm, Chapstick
• Gum, hard candy
• Portable snacks like jerky, pretzels, nuts, seeds (any salty items to replace salt tablets)
• Tuna (in pouches)
• Protein powder and energy drinks
• Granola bars / power bars
• Cookies / crackers
• NO chocolate or anything that might melt
• Reading materials, word puzzles, playing cards
• Stationery w/ envelopes
• Important – include a personal note or letter
• Baby wipes, hand sanitizer, body wash, shampoo, toothbrush / toothpaste

Small-ticket items
• AA, AAA, C batteries
• DVD movies & digital games
• Video games
• CDs
• Books
• Small flashlights (battery operated)
• Golf balls, tees
• Computer Screen Wipes
• Online gift cards
All food must be in the manufacturer’s original packaging

DFW Sam members collect items requested by the VA Hospital in Dallas for the use of patients that need some assistance. We are given a list of things that have been requested by patients and that the hospital sees that are needed.

Comfort Items (New Only)

• Deodorant
• Toothbrush and Paste (single packs)
• Denture Adhesives & Cleaner
• Shower Gel/Wash (no bar soap)
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Lotion
• Powder
• Razors Multi-Edge (no single edge)
• Manicure Sets
• Hairbrushes & Combs
• Feminine Products
• Shower Shoes
• Lip Balm

Men & Women’s Undergarments (New Only)
Variety Of Sizes Needed
• Underwear/Boxers
• Panties and Sports Bras
• Men’s White T-Shirts
• Socks

Needs – Other
• Phone Cards
• Envelopes #10
• Small Writing Tablets and Pens/Pencils
• Gift Cards for Patients
• Reading Glasses (Variety Of Strengths)
• Puzzle Books
• DART/TRE Train Passes
• US Postage Stamps
• Lap Robes
• Wheelchair Bags
• Books & Magazines (Issues over three months will not be accepted)
• Greeting Cards

In 2018, for the first time we started collecting bears and other small new stuffed animals to be donated to the Police Departments in the towns where we camp and visit.

Police Officers will carry the stuffed animals in their patrol cars and give them out to any child they come in contact with. They meet small children through traffic accidents, domestic calls, etc. It is hoped that by giving young children a teddy bear, stuffed animal or doll at the scene will have a calming effect on them.

DFW Sams has a Money Tree that members donate to throughout the year and the money collected is given out to a charity we select. Past years collections have been given to Boots For Veterans, USO at DFW Airport and the VA Hospital in Dallas.
We ask our members to offer charities for us to consider.